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Friday, August 10th, 2018


November 1 Supreme Court hearing for 2019 Pacific Games case


SUVA, Fiji – August 10, 2018: 1pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Chief Justice Owen Paulsten will hear the case between Government and the Pacific Games Council/TASANOC in the Supreme Court here in Nuku’alofa on November 1.

Operation to help stop illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing a success

Fiji and Tuvalu participants in discussion during the operation. Photo: FFA MEDIA

Covering 16.5 million square kilometres over 10 days with 10 FFA member states, Operation Island Chief found no infringements or breaches   HONIARA, Solomons – July 10, 2018: 2.45pm (FFA Media): A ten-day annual operation to detect, deter, report and/or apprehend potential illegal, unregulated or unreported (IUU) fishing activity ended on August 3.