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Tuesday, October 16th, 2018


Vanuatu strengthens Immigration Border Enforcement


PORT VILA, Vanuatu – October 16, 2018: 4.55pm (PIDC): Vanuatu has become the 14th Member of the Pacific Immigration Development Community (PIDC) to sign the PIDC Memorandum of Arrangement (MoA) to share immigration information for border enforcement purposes.

Pacific weather on social media

Pacific meteorologists work on graphic designs for their social media platform during the SPREP Social Media training event conducted by David Bathur. Picture: PEJN

By LICE MOVONO NADI, Fiji – October 12, 2018: 5pm (PEJN): WEATHER information must be made simple because every member of the community has to understand it and yet it must also contain official jargon which retains credibility.

Met service tailor make weather information

Andrew Twait of the New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in a discussion with Jasneel Chandra and Rusiate Baleilevuka of the Fiji Met Service. Picture: SPREP

By LICE MOVONO Pacific Environment Journalists Network NADI, Fiji – October 12, 2018: 4.30pm (PEJN): SEVERAL Pacific meteorological authorities are changing the way they communicate technical information in order to reach a wider cross section of the community.