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Wednesday, May 1st, 2019


Climate Change Remains One of Top Challenges Faced by Pacific: ADB


Nadi, Fiji – May 1, 2019: 2.45pm (ADB): The Asian Development Bank (ADB) says the effects of climate change including cyclones, droughts, and floods have lasting impacts on people, communities, and socioeconomic development with Pacific island nations among the most exposed nations, globally, to these risks.

Less talk, more action

Sylvia Elias from the Federated States of Micronesia

OPINION By ILIESA TORA Suva, Fiji – May 1, 2019: 2.15pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Let us talk less and do what needs to be done!

Positive approach needed in resilience journey

Miss Sylvia Elias of the FSM speaking at the 'Ignite' session this morning. Photo: SPREP

Youth leader says integrity, commitment and action recipe for resilience By ILIESA TORA Suva, Fiji – May 1, 2019: 11.50am (Nuku’alofa Times): Taking a positive approach in the campaign to help build resilience and disaster risk reduction in the region will help us achieve our work, a youth leader has told the first ever Pacific Resilience Meeting in Suva this morning.

The Pasifika gathers for climate resilience and disaster reduction talks


Suva, Fiji – May 1, 2019: 8.45am (Nuku’alofa Times): Over 300 Pasifika people and partners from around the globe are meeting here at the Japan ICT Centre at the University of the South Pacific in Laucala Bay to discuss climate resilience and disaster risk reduction at the firstever Pacific Resilience Meeting 2019.