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PM wants kava and tobacco use reduced in Tonga

PM Pohiva wants kava and tobacco consumption reduced

NUKU’ALOFA-May 31: 6.35pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva wants to see a reduction on the consumption of both Kava Tonga and tobacco or cigarettes in Tonga.

plain-packaging-630Speaking at the World No Tobacco Day celebrations at the Epworth Hall in Kolomotu’a, Nuku’alofa this morning, PM Pohiva said alot of young people here in Tonga were consuming both kava and tobacco and that was affecting the future generation.

He said Tonga should follow what Samoa is doing – where kava drinking is banned at most places.

Speaking in Tongan, Hon Pohiva said he would be pleased to see if something was done in regards to the issues as alot of Tongans were being affected by the misuse or over-use of kava and tobacco.

He said the abuse of kava has led to a lazy workforce, especially when people drink too much and are not able to work the next day.

He said that in Samoa the youths focus on sports and work because they are healthier as a result of the kava ban there.

The event today was part of the international World No Tobacco Day celebrations.

This year’s international theme was “Get Ready for Plain Packaging”.

The Ministry of Health here said that tobacco smoking has led to a lot of health issues and alot of young people were getting into smoking.

The event here was organised jointly by the Ministry of Health, Tonga Health, World Health Organization, New Zealand Government, Australian Government and the day’s organizing committee.


One Comment to PM wants kava and tobacco use reduced in Tonga

  1. william helu says:

    Most of the people who drink kava have no job n no land to have a plantation.You can put a propositions to allow the people to vote for it.But don’t try to dictate what will happen because peoples will loose faith in your party