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Tonga to have Daylight Saving from November 6


NUKU’ALOFA-October 26: 12.50pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Tonga will convert to Daylight Saving time from November 6 – moving the hands of the clock one hour ahead.

Although Tonga is already one hour ahead of everyone else in the Pacific, Cabinet approved the change on October 21.

That means all clocks and watches in the Kingdom are to be moved ahead one hour at 2am (to 3am) on Sunday, November 6.

The time will revert to normal time on Sunday, January 15.

The Ministry of Information said in a statement today (Wednesday) that this was decided by Cabinet as a means of extending daylight hours in the evenings to allow for more time for economic and social activities.

Daylight saving will mean that Tonga time will move to 14 hours ahead of Universal Time Coordinated (UTC+14hrs) during the period of daylight saving.

The MOI statement said Daylight saving is not new to Tonga.

It was introduced ahead of the new millennium in 1999 but was discontinued in 2002.

Daylight saving is viable in the summer months when daylight hours are longer.

Tonga now joins its neighbors Fiji, Samoa and New Zealand who employ the same strategy.

The Ministry of MEIDECC invites members of the public who have any enquires with regard to this decision of Government to introduce daylight saving to contact the Meteorology Department of MEIDECC on 8777750.

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