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Jail term sought for Tahiti’s Gaston Flosse

Gaston Flosse (Photo: AFP)

PAPEETE, Tahiti -February 10: 5:56 pm(RNZI):The prosecution in French Polynesia has called for a one-year jail sentence for a former president Gaston Flosse for taking chinaware from the presidential palace.

The case was heard in the appeal court today at the behest of the prosecution after the criminal court had not given him a custodial sentence but only fined him just under US$30,000 for taking public property.

He was in court with his partner Pascale Haiti, who as a co-accused had also been fined for taking public property in December 2014 after $US70,000 worth of china and silverware from the palace was found at their home.

The prosecution also wants Flosse to be deprived of his civic rights for five years.

His lawyer also appealed against the sentence last year, objecting to there being a fine.

Flosse had said he had bought the items in question with his own money.

Today’s hearing was originally due to be held two weeks ago but was deferred because one of the lawyers was absent.

A ruling is expected on 23 March.

Flosse, who lost the presidency because of a corruption conviction in September 2014, is already banned from holding public office until 2019 although he challenged the decision, claiming he is eligible to stand again next year.

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