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Pacific Roundtable Meeting between Government and Civil Society at Commission on the Status of Women 61st Session

pacific islands forum secretariat (photo:

NEW YORK, USA-March 24: 5:24pm(Nuku’alofa Times): It has been a Pacific tradition to meet as a group in the margins of the Commission on the Status of Women.

This year the Forum Chair convened the gathering at the New Zealand Mission and it was well-attended by Forum island missions, ambassadors, and a diverse group of civil society from the across the region.

 Pacific Roundtable Chair and Federated States of Micronesia Ambassador H.E Jane Jimmy Chigiyal encouraged open and frank dialogue on issues affecting Pacific women and girls.

The key focus of this year’s strategic dialogue was on the outcomes document, which will be negotiated by member states over the coming few days.

Delegates placed high importance on the Sustainable Development Goals process and drawing a closer link between the Commission of the Status of Women and the upcoming meetings on the 2030 development agenda.

 The issues affecting the most disadvantaged groups was a key issue discussed at the Pacific Roundtable.

The Haus of Kameleon representative Sulique Waqa provided perspectives on women and girls of all diversities and the important platform being created by the UN Secretary General in acknowledging sexual orientation and gender identity.

Civil society representatives raised the important issues of security, humanitarian response and the need for international and regional cooperation, particularly through sustained funding and provision of resources.

 Pacific Islands Forum Leaders consider gender equality a high priority and regularly monitor national and regional progress.

A number of issues impact on the delivery of these commitments including negative social and cultural norms and attitudes, limited resources towards gender equality programmes, climate change, degradation of our oceans, limited ICT connectivity, high level of cervical cancer deaths, violence against women and low social and economic returns from fisheries.

 Negotiations continue until Friday 24th. The partnership between Pacific Governments and civil society continues to work together to ensure the Pacific voice is elevated during the 61st Session of the CSW.

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