Malolo Team claim top spot in Samoa Swim Competition

Apolima Swim_Team with 1st Place Shield (photo: supplied/ Malolo Swim Club)

APOLIMA STRAIT, Samoa-April 18th: 10:08am(Nuku’alofa Times): The Nuku’alofa based Malolo Swim Club won top honors in the Apolima Strait Competition which was held on the 11th of April.

The team also created history for the event by fielding the youngest team to ever be entered in the competition.

Swimmer Finau Ohuafi also won the 50m Free with a time of 27.71 and came second in the 100m Free with a time of 1:01.12 in the Pool competition which was held on the 9th of April.

They started their swim at 6:15 am at the beach of Sheraton Mulifanua (not too far from Faleolo Airport), and per the relay rules, all four swimmers on the team swam the first 1500m together through the reef and out into the open ocean.

Apolima Swim Relay in the Open Water Swim event (photo: supplied/Malolo Swim Club)

Apolima Swim Relay in the Open Water Swim event (photo: supplied/Malolo Swim Club)

Once they reached the 1500m marker, 3 swimmers came onto the support boat while one swimmer continued for another 20 minutes.

They then had each swimmer exchange every 20 minutes all the way to Savaii.

The conditons were really good, but ran through some big ocean swells and a patch of heavy rain at one point that made it hard to see, and some jelly fish stings, but it was a beautiful swim overall and the team kept powering through.

Once they reached the last 500m marker at Savaii, as per the rules of the race, all four swimmers on the team swam together to the finish.

All four swimmers, in spite of being tired from the 22.3km distance, sprinted the last 500m together.

This swim brought out the very best in each of them.

It has also been a great learning and bonding experience for them as they met other swimmers from Samoa and different parts of the world, and got to hear their courageous stories and share in this experience together.

“Hats off to Seti Afoa and Samoa Events for hosting an outstanding event. We would also like to thank and acknowledge our sponsors, Digicel, Talitha Project, Speedo (who sponsored the entire team with FINA approved open water suits and legskins, but unfortunately the suits arrived two days after the race – but their sponsorship of suits is a huge help to our open water swimming team, especially since they have other open water events on the horizon), Scenic Hotel, Seti Afoa & Samoa Events, Schuster Family in Samoa, TASANOC, AJ & Krissy Cowley (Farmer Joes, Samoa), Pangaimotu Island, Fatai Kayak Adventures, and all supporters and families” said Vila Day, the Team Manager and Open Water Swim Coach.
“Thanks again to everyone in Tonga for all the constant support. We are extremely appreciative of all the kind help and support” said Vila Day.

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