Sir Michael asked PNG voters to vote wisely during election

Sir Michael Somare (photo: Liverpool Wantok)

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea-April 19: 3:37pm(Post Courier): Voters in Papua New Guinea have been asked to vote wisely.

In his parting speech to the people of Port Moresby, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare encouraged all voters to choose their representatives to parliament wisely.

“My counsel to these 4000-plus intending candidates, I hope you are sincere to the cause. If you want to make money you should stay out of this race and compete in the business sector.”

“If you want to change the lives of our people through elective leadership then stay out of business.”

Sir Michael said that Parliament was not the place to enrich oneself.

“Finally, for the first time in almost 50 years I will be on the sidelines watching the progress of this election.”

“With the limited financial resources to run these elections I encourage everyone to do their part to ensure that these elections are conducted peacefully and concluded successfully.

“We are only failing ourselves if we disrupt the ballot process as I do not want to see failed election in any province,” he said.

Meanwhile, the North Fly people of Western Province have thanked Sir Michael Somare for building Papua New Guinea to where it is today.

Veteran Star Mountain Local Level Government President Borok Pitalok said Sir Michael deserves the title ‘Father of the Nation’ as he had single-handedly fought for self-autonomy, gained self-government in 1973 and later led PNG to Independence in 1975.

“To gain Independence without bloodshed (un)like many developing countries that experience discrimination, war and even genocide in their fight for autonomy is an outstanding achievement which will remain a legacy forever,” he said.

Pitalok said despite entrenched views of the colonial establishments and negative views from many of our own politicians in that era, Sir Michael achieved it all.

“Somare had the courage, vision and wisdom to see today in his time then, when so many of our people thought we could not mange ourselves and our resources effectively.

“Without Somare, PNG would be a very different country today knowing that he has been Chief Minister for two years and Prime Minister for 17 years almost half of our lifetime in our last 41 years as an independent country,” Pitalok said.

He said Sir Michael will go down as the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of Commonwealth of Nations which would be a credit to the stable leadership he has provided to this country.

“May the God Almightly bless Sir Michael and wife Lady Somare including the children,” he said.

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