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New book aims to get Pacific voices in mainstream

(photo: RNZI)

WELLINGTON, New Zealand-April 19: 3:50pm(RNZI):A new book has been launched in New Zealand highlighting some of the most insightful commentary on Pacific life in New Zealand over the past two years.

The book is a collection of best work initially published on the digital magazine website, e-Tangata.

As well as Pacific writing, it includes contributions from Maori and Pakeha writers on everything from politics to social issues and popular culture.

Co-editor and journalist Tapu Misa said their aim was to get mainstream New Zealanders accessing more Pacific writers and voices, and so publishing this book, titled The Best of e-Tangata was just one way to do that.

“We’d just like to do more,” Misa said.

“We’d like to find and develop more talent and mentor more talent.

“We’d like to have our writers, our people, on mainstream platforms actually and that, I think, is where we need to go. We can’t just keep having conversations amongst ourselves,” said Misa.

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