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Police disrupt illicit drug supply

tonga police

NUKU’ALOFA-May 8: 4:06pm(Nuku’alofa Times): As part of continuing efforts to target the people who supply drugs to communities in Tonga, Police conducted Search Warrants in 6 different locations (5 in Fou‟i and 1 in Matahau) where 3,222 cannabis plants, more than 20,000 cannabis seeds, and 6 cannabis pot plants were seized.

Aside from the cannabis plants and seeds, two firearms (.22 rifles), ammunition, cash and electronic devices were seized during the operation.

“Tonga Police are committed to disrupt and detect the supply of drugs where thereby preventing the harm this illegal activity causes. It only takes one call to Police to stop crime and the availability of drugs in your community,” says Acting Commissioner Viliami „Unga Fa‟aoa.

As always, the Police rely on members of the public to pass on any information about drug cultivation, manufacture and/or dealing.

Information about drug offending can be passed on to your local Police station or can be made anonymously by phoning 23417 or 25147.

Eight men between the ages of 16 – 42 from Fanga, Matahau, Fo‟ui and Sopu have been arrested.

Evidence and prosecution files are being progressed.

Therefore, details on charges involved are unavailable at this time.

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