Organisers not happy with Tonga PM’s golf plans

Lord Sevele

NUKU’ALOFA-May 12: 1:50pm(RNZI): Tonga’s Pacific Games Organising Committee and the government remain at odds when it comes to the golf venue for the 2019 event.

Last week Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva said everything was on track.

However, the PG2019 Committee led by Lord Sevele said government is wasting money by insisting on building a new golf course.

PM Pohiva told the media at the Popua National Park on Wednesday that a new nine hole course will be built at Popua.

But Lord Sevele said there is already an existing course which can be upgraded to suit the Games’ need which would cost $8 million Pa’anga less than the PM’s plan.

“We wouldn’t agree to a new golf course costing a total of $13 million plus pa’anga, versus the upgrading and improvement of the existing course at a maximum of $5 million pa’anga.”

Lord Sevele said anyone with a sensible mind would say “I’ll take the five million and spend that rather than spending 13 million”.

He said maintenance costs would also be incurred by government with the new course.

“With the new location, there comes the maintenance afterwards because it is government property, whereas the existing golf course there is no maintenance. It is done by the club and the owner’s of the land,” Lord Sevele added.


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