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Nadene Lomu reveals Jonah Lomu’s infertility and their miracle children Brayley and Dhyreille

Jonah Lomu with wife Nadene and children Brayley and Dhyreille (photo: supplied/Fabwags)

WELLINGTON, New Zealand-June 28: 5:06pm(New Zealand Herald): Jonah Lomu believed he was infertile before his wife fell pregnant with their eldest son.

This is one of the revelations Nadene Lomu has made in an interview with French media.

The widow told Midi Olympique that her and her children talk about Lomu every day at home and she is looking forward to launching her cosmetics brand in Europe before Christmas.

She spoke about how life had never been the same since Lomu died on November 18, 2015 after a long battle with a kidney disorder.

Nadene explained that the couple never thought they could have children after the All Blacks doctor John Mayhew told Lomu for years that he was infertile because of his kidney problems.

Then “as if by a miracle” Nadene became pregnant with Brayley, who is now 8 and Dhyreille, 6.

An earlier Guardian interview quoted Lomu’s reaction to finding out he was going to be a father.

“I was given a 0.001 per cent chance of having a child.

“I never, ever, thought it would happen. When Nadene told me she was pregnant I was lost. Like duh, um, what? It just sort of went over my head and then about 20 minutes later it hit me.”

Lomu put his career on hold to nurse Nadene through the pregnancy.

“I wanted to get cotton wool and wrap it all the way around them. Whatever she wanted or needed I did,” Lomu told the Guardian in 2010.

“Massaging her back, going to McDonald’s at one or two in the morning for hamburgers. That was her craving. Braylee was a little hamburger cheeseburger baby.”

Since Lomu’s tragic death Nadene and her children talk about him every day. She said no topic is taboo, she just tries “not to cry in front of them. Even if I do not always succeed.”

Sometimes Nadene tells the children, who are being raised Mormon, that they will see their father in another life.

She said on Lomu’s last day he strangely thanked her for being an incredible mother and wife before dying a few hours later.

The world mourned Lomu. Messages of support flooded in from the Queen of England, Kate Middleton, Prince William and Elton John.

Despite Lomu’s greatness he never reached his full potential on the field, Nadene told Midi Olympique. Doctors had told her his nephrotic syndrome had crippled him as far back as the 1990s.

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