Vanuatu to enforce booze laws


PORT Vila, Vanuatu – July 10: 11.30am (RNZI): Authorities in Vanuatu are cracking down on alcohol sellers and underage drinking following recent violent incidents in Port Vila.

The internal affairs minister Alfred Maoh said police were inspecting liquor outlets and nightclubs to ensure they were complying with the law and not selling to underage people.

Mr Maoh said the government was also considering a curfew for some people.

The move followed last month’s death of a man who was beaten at a Port Vila night club, which has prompted widespread outrage.

Mr Maoh said the crackdown was not a knee-jerk reaction to one incident, but a response to an increase of alcohol-related crime.

“We want to protect investors, our visitors, but really we just want a safe community here in Port Vila. We’re just trying to just put the respect and order back to the people of Port Vila.”

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