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Kingdom 7s finals set for Day 2 as women show their stuff in pool matches

Action from the Hihifo vs Havelu Under-19s women's competition clash today. Photo: NUKU'ALOFA TIMES

NUKU’ALOFA-October 6: 7.50pm (Nuku’alofa Times): It was an action-packed first day at the 2017 UN Women’s/Digicel Kingdom 7s tournament here t the Marist Apifo’ou grounds in Nuku’alofa today.

The top Men’s Open teams pushed their way through the revised Cup quarterfinal format tomorrow while Under-19s top sides Queen Salote College and Hihifo look set to battle for the top spot in their competition.

Tussle for the ball in the Kolomotu'a One (blue) and Fasi Vikings clash. The Vikings won. Photo: NUKU'ALOFA TIMES

Tussle for the ball in the Kolomotu’a One (blue) and Fasi Vikings clash. The Vikings won. Photo: NUKU’ALOFA TIMES

There was no holding back from the top favourites Marist, Vaini Doves and Havelu while the Nuku’alofa Barbarians, Ngeleia, Kolomotu’a Two, Fasi Vikings and Toloa Old Boys were able to book their spots also in the Cup.

The interest was on the Under-19s women competition, the first of its kind to be held in Tonga.

And there was a lot of talent seen from teams like QSC, Hihifo, Havelu, Masilamea and Girls Empower.

In the Women’s Open, the top prizemoney looks set to travel down to Hihifo tomorrow.

Hihifo won two of the three round-robin games against Havelu today with the teams having one more game tomorrow at the Haalano Grounds in Kolomotu’a.

Tournament Director Hoko Tuivai said the first day was exciting.

She said there were some very good tussles and expects more tomorrow.

Samoan referee Avi'i Falapulenga (red) controls this women's Under-19 clash earlier today. Photo: NUKU'ALOFA TIMES

Samoan referee Avi’i Falapulenga (red) controls this women’s Under-19 clash earlier today. Photo: NUKU’ALOFA TIMES

Digicel boss Ben Kealy turned up as a referee in the women’s competition.

Samoan female referee Avi’I Fa’apulenga was on hand to show her experience and knowledge to local refs and players, being the guest referee at the event.

Avi’I flew into the Kingdom on Tuesday to be part of the event and showed good control of matches she officiated in – both in the men’s and women’s competition.

The draws for the Men’s Cup quarterfinals were confirmed after the first day and the women’s round robin continues tomorrow morning.

Matches will now move to the Haalano Grounds in Kolomotu’a for the final day.

The first Cup quarterfinal will kick off at 9am.

Meanwhile, here are the full results of the pool matches today and the Cup draw:

Results of the Kingdom 7s Pool Matches:  Men’s Open: Toloa 17 – Hihifo 17, Havelu 19 – Toa ko Maafu 5, Marist 21 – Fasi Viking 0, Toloa VTKL 28 – Kolomotu’a One 0,                 Vaini 12 – Lavengamalie 5, Ha’ateiho 14 – Barbarians 19, Sila Pelu Ua 5 – Ngeleia 10, Tavatu’utolu 7 – Kolomotu’a Two 12, Toloa 42 – Toa ko Maafu 7, Havelu 35 – Hihifo 7, Toloa VTKL 5 – Marist 5, Fasi Vikings 33 – Kolomotu’a One 5, Vaini 42 – Barbarians 5, Lavengamalie 14 – Spartans 12, Sila Pelu Ua 0 – Tavatu’utolu 21, Kolomotu’a Two 17 – Ngeleia 0, Havelu 19 – Toloa OB 7,  Marist 49 – Kolomotu’a One 0, Vaini 14 – Haateiho 7, Sila Pelu Ua 12 – Kolomotu’a Two 29, Hihifo 14 – Toa ko Maafu 0,  Toloa VTKL 19 – Viking 22, Lavengamalie 7 – Baabas 31¸ Ngeleia  22– Tavatu’utolu 21;

Women’s Open: Havelu 5 – Hihifo 5, Hihifo 19 – Havelu 0, Hihifo 7 – Havelu 5;

Women’s Under-19: QSC 19 – Masilamea 0, Hihifo 15 – Havelu 0                , QSC 24 – Girls Empower 0, Masilamea 0 – Havelu 15, Hihifo 39 – Masilamea 0.

Men’s Cup Quarterfinals: Havelu vs Ngeleia, Toloa Old Boys vs Kolomotu’a 2, Vaini vs Vikings, Marist vs Barbarians

The Kingdom 7s is being organised by the Kingdom 7s committee here in Tonga and is funded by the UN Women and Digicel as the major sponsors.

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