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Tonga goes to the polls today

Former Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva will be out to win his seat again

BONN, Germany – November 15: 8.30pm (Nuku’alofa Times): It’s going on to 9pm here in Bonn, Germany on Wednesday evening.

But in Tonga people will be waking up to the fact that today all eligible voters who have registered and are in Tonga will get their chance to elect who they want as their representative in Parliament.

Polling starts early and by the end of the day results should be able to be compiled at the Tonga Election Commission Office.

The announcement of winners should be done by 11pm Tonga time Thursday – which would be around 11am here Thursday morning.

There is already some indication that a new government with a new Prime Minister will be named soon, replacing the government of Akilisi Pohiva.

It is also highly tipped that the new government will be made up of Nobles and Independents who are standing.

Mr Pohiva’s Democratic Party has 17 candidates for the People’s seats in Parliament while there are 9 nobles.

Mr Pohiva will face stiff competition with 10 others opposing him in Tongatapu 1 but there are indications he will pull through by the slightest of margins.



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