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The Australian News Story Plausible and Misleading


By the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Tonga

NUKU’ALOFA-February 6, 2018: 11.55pm (Nuku’alofa Times): On January 29, 2018, the Australian newspaper The Australian published an article Pacific Nations Drowning in Chinese Debt, which made groundless and irresponsible accusation against China and its aid to Tonga and Chinese community’s business activities in the Kingdom.

It was full of plausible and one-sided information and biased ideas, obviously going against the professional ethics of journalism.

It also meant to mislead the public and disrupt the practical cooperation and friendly relations between China and Tonga, to which China is firmly opposed.

As we recall, after the riot in 2006, Tonga was in urgent need of assistance for rebuilding.

It was at the request of the Tongan government and based on consultation on an equal footing that the Chinese Government extended a helping hand and provided concessional loans to Tonga for the reconstruction of its CBD in capital Nuku’alofa as well as upgrading roads on the main islands.

The projects have greatly improved local people’s business and living environment. At the same time, we cannot help asking what other relevant country has done for Tonga when it needed help.

Over the years, China has provided a large amount of grant to Tonga, and it has contributed a lot to promoting the social and economic development of Tonga, which was intentionally not mentioned at all in The Australian story.

Even for the repayment of the loans, China and Tonga have been in discussion in the spirit of mutual understanding.

China will continue to provide support and assistance within its capacity for the development of Tonga according to the actual need of the Kingdom and on the basis of fully respecting the will of the Tongan government and people.

As is known to all, the vast majority of the Chinese community in Tonga has not only achieved self-development through hard work, but also played an important role in facilitating daily life of the local people and creating job opportunities.

This is the fact that no fair-minded person will deny.

It is advised that relevant news media stop taking biased view towards China’s selfless assistance to and mutually beneficial collaboration with Tonga and other Pacific island countries, and focus on what it could do to help its hosting country improve its own work in terms of assisting the island countries.

Editor’s Note: The views shared here are that of the Chinese Embassy here in Nuku’alofa, Tonga and not necessarily the view of the Nuku’alofa Times.

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