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Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism Membership Application Extended


SUVA, Fiji-February 21, 2018: 7.25pm (PIFS): The deadline for application for membership of the Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism (SSCR) has been extended to this Friday, February 23 (2018).

The SSCR plays a key role in implementing the Framework for Pacific Regionalism by identifying and assessing priority initiatives to advance Pacific regionalism for Leaders’ consideration.  The SSCR then recommends to the Forum Officials Committee (FOC – the representative body of Forum members) which regional initiatives should be overseen by Leaders, and which may be better overseen by Ministers.

The Forum Secretariat is looking for individuals from a Polynesian Country, a Micronesian country, a Civil Society Organisation in the Pacific, and a Private Sector Organisation in the Pacific to fill four positions that are currently vacant.

The formation of the SSCR was mandated by Pacific Islands Forum Leaders at their Special Retreat in Cook Islands on May 5, 2014.

In total, the SSCR comprises eight individual members who are citizens of Forum member or associate member countries. SSCR members serve terms of between 18 to 36 months. The SSCR’s key tasks include reviewing new proposals for regional collective action against the tests set out in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism to identify those that are viable and warrant political oversight; reviewing advice received from CROP agencies or other qualified implementing organisations on the feasibility and strategic value of the proposals; and reviewing progress reports for any existing initiatives under Leaders’ oversight.

The selection of SSCR Members is made by a panel of three senior officials of the Forum Troika – a representative of the current Forum Chair (Samoa), the former Forum Chair (Federated States of Micronesia), and the incoming Forum Chair (Nauru).

The Office of the Secretary General will also consult with the wider Membership to assist the selection panel in finalising the initial shortlist. Following the development of an initial shortlist of candidates for each of the abovementioned positions, the panel will then circulate its recommended list of candidates and ranked alternatives to Forum Members, Associate Members, and regional private sector and civil society organisations for comment.

Interested applicants are invited to forward nominations, including completed application forms and a resume (maximum of two pages) demonstrating experience and expertise to the Forum Secretariat Regionalism Adviser, Joel Nilon who can be reached by email or telephone: +679 7788322 by 5pm (Fiji Time), Friday, 23 February (2018).


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