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Pacific media to meet here in May

Pacific Islands News Association President Moses Stevens

NUKU’ALOFA-March 5, 2018: 3.35pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Around 100 to 150 media personnel from within the region will converge here in Nuku’alofa in May for the Pacific Media Summit.

The Government of Tonga will be hosting the event, in partnership with the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) and other partners and stakeholders.

Tonga won the bid to host the event in 2016 after Nuku’alofa Times Publisher/Consultant Editor Iliesa Tora presented the bid at the PMS in Palau.

A local committee chaired by Information Chief Executive Officer (MEIDECC) Paula Ma’u is working with PINA and other partners on the organisation of the event.

The theme of this year’s biennial gathering is “Empowering the Media for Digital Challenges.”

PINA President Moses Stevens of Vanuatu said many governments in the Pacific have embarked on ambitious ICT policies in the hope that it will facilitate growth and transform their people into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

“Most of these policies are centred on making available digital infrastructure, providing governance and services on demand and digital empowerment of citizens,” he said.

“The summit will explore opportunities and challenges for the media in a digitally empowered society.”

In addition, the theme covers the expanding social media innovations and mobile devices that have changed the way we receive, consume, share, and interpret the news.

“Some mainstream media have had great difficulty adapting to this new normal, resulting in declining profits, readership, and influence. As a result of this seismic change, important questions about the fate of the news business have emerged,” Mr Stevens said.

“The plenary sessions will consider some of these ‘real’ issues confronting our members and explore solutions and learn from others that have successfully harnessed these new opportunities.”

At the week-long summit, media professionals, academics, development partners, technical experts, young and upcoming journalists will engage in open and lively discussions on various media development issues confronting the media in the Pacific.

“We are expecting between 100-150 delegates to attend the weeklong summit that comprises of two days of pre-summit workshops (7-8 May), two days of interactive plenary sessions (9-10 May) and on the final Retreat Day for delegates and Annual General Meeting for PINA’s financial members,” PINA Secretariat Manager Makereta Komai added.

The PMS will be held at the Faonelua Convention Centre in Nuku’alofa.

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