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Real Tonga flights to ‘Eua suspended until trees are cut down

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NUKU’ALOFA-May 4, 2018: 10.30am (Nuku’alofa Times): Domestic flights to the island of ‘Eua are currently suspended until trees around the airstrip are cut down.

Real Tonga’s boss Tevita Palu said they will not take any risks and flights have been suspended from Monday.

He said the trees pose a risk to his pilots and passengers.

“We can’t take the risk and put people’s live in jeoprady,” he said.

Mr Palu said he had requested several time for the trees to be cut.

The Government Representative on ‘Eua, Sunia Havea, told Radio Tonga News that they have yet to identify the exact location of the trees that have caused disruptions to the domestic flights to the island.

Mr Havea said he has to verify if the trees are inside the airport premise or at the tax allotment, around the Kaufana airport.

He adds the possible solution is to cut down the trees inside the airport premise but if the trees are outside then they should pay compensation to those who own those tax allotments to be able to do this work.


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