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PNG Government to penalise logging companies


PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea – July 25, 2018: 9.48am (POST COURIER): The Papua New Guinea Government has agreed to penalise logging companies that cut and waste small trees in their logging operations.

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa said the National Executive Council approved the review of Forestry Act section 121 and 223 to have logging companies pay for cutting of trees that are wasted and not processed.

“They are harvesting smaller logs under 300cm in diameter and so when we went back to look at it, they are harvesting logs that are smaller than the standard requirement and so with NEC wisdom we have now reviewed section 121 and 223 of the Forest Act that will bring in any company that harvest logs that are 300-400 in diameter, they have to pay for those logs,” Tomuriesa said.

“Whether they cut and not processing and just cut and throw away, they will pay for that.”

Tomuriesa was responding to questions from MP for Usino-Bundi Jimmy Uguro that landowners in Madang had blocked all logging operations in the province, especially in Usino-Bundi and Middle Ramu, until logging companies honoured their commitments under agreements signed with landowner companies.

He said the logging permit is not in the hands of the operator but are with the landowner company.

“The landowner company invited the developer. Landowner companies have power to divorce developer if they don’t meet MOA agreements,” Uguro said.

Tomuriesa said the National Forest Authority is will have landowner consultation meeting in Port Moresby and have invited all leaders and landowner to attend.

He said the NFA is also inviting landowner companies and leaders to an industry meeting also planed for next month.

“If you have grievances, come and share with us,” Tomuriesa said.

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