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Nuku’alofa – October 4, 2018: 10am (Nuku’alofa Times): I am going to vote through the ballot papers in November.
That, by the way, if I and the rest here in Tonga, will get our ballot papers in time.
Back in 2014 the papers arrived late for those who registered from here so they missed out altogether.
Those of us who were not able to register, because the Elections Office did not want to send anyone to do the job back then despite their earlier assurances, missed out also.
But now we get the chance to vote — and look forward to doing that in November.
I am just worried whether we will be able to get our papers in time to do that.
Looking at the timeline, things will have to be done pretty fast.
Anyway, I believe the elections will be interesting.
Yet I am worried that the change many have been advocating might not happen at all.
Fiji First have ruled for the last 4 years and have used all within their means to buy votes in every way anyone can think about.
They will deny this but all they have been doing is buying votes in the last four years.
Now they are doing it for the final time with their SME Grants.
I just hope that people will push everything aside and think really well and good about who they are going to vote for.
I hope that people will not be influenced by what others are saying but look at what has happened in the last 4 years.
Think well about where we were, how things were and what is happening now.
My plea to my fellow iTaukei do not be persuaded by the words politicians are saying.
Take the time to research – look at what has happened and think where would you and your family like to be in 10 years.
Is this the Fiji you want – the current Fiji? Where poverty has continued to increase and the poor getting poorer every day – while the elites are enjoying it?
Or is there a better Fiji that you demand?
Who do you think will get you to that Fiji?
Are your rights protected? Your land and qoliqoli?
Do you believe the current system and climate is enough to ensure a peaceful Fiji for everyone and a Fiji where everyone can share the same blessings?
Do we as a people – Kai Viti dina – have the system, the environment – that will ensure that our people of about 400,000 or so are protected in our land?
You our Vasus and those who have made Fiji your home — are you happy with where you are? Do you believe the current system is ok? Or is there a better system that can work for all of us?
Do you believe the iTaukeis are protected?
Political parties will be out to win votes anyway they can.
But it is us the people – the voters – who will make the decision on who forms the next government.
Fiji First are ruling — and will be the party to beat.
SODELPA is iTaukei dominated.
NFP and Unity Party share different mixes in their lineups.
To win the election – the other party will need to ensure Fiji First does not go past 40 percent of the votes.
If Fiji First gets 51 percent that is the game sealed and done again for another 4 years.
To win the other parties must win 51 percent and then work on having a united coalition.
Then again, it is up to us the people.
Think and think well before you cast your votes.
I am looking forward to doing my bit for Fiji!!
Toso Viti…Toso!!!!

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