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Petitions after petitions for PM Pohiva and his team



UTAH, United States of America – March 9, 2019: 8am (Nuku’alofa Times): Tongan Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva is facing more than he bargained for as petitions after petitions have been filed or are in the process of being filed against him.

Two petitions have already been presented to the Parliament in the last two weeks calling for His Majesty King Tupou VI to dissolve his government and appoint a Truths Commission to investigate allegations of corruption and mismanagement of government assets and funds against the PM.

The petitions were filed by former Members of Parliament.

After having been passed to be taken to people for consultation in Parliament, the petitions will now be taken to members of the communities to give their views.

This is despite calls by PM Pohiva in the House to have MPs vote for its adoption or rejection claiming that he had the votes of people to represent them in Parliament.

Now in progress is a petition by students and former students of Tonga College who are crying foul that the PM and his government have given a piece of their land to Tonga Football again.

The Tonga College petition claims that the leasing of that piece of land was against their wish as they wanted to use the land to have a farm that boarding students would use to plant food.

This is because the school is planned to have boarding again soon.

Interesting times indeed and one that we all would want to keep a close tab on.


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