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OPINION – Leave Izzy alone

Izzy standing by his statements


Salt Lake, USA – April 12, 2019: 11.55am (Nuku’alofa Times): Isireli Folau is entitled to express his views, just like anyone else.

His recent comments, regarded as divisive by the Australia Rugby Union, has attracted so much attention.

Many disagree with his comments.

Others think otherwise.

Izzy, as he is known by friends, believes in his statements and has stood by them.

The ARU have more than enough on their plate to be worrying about his statements.

If they want to stop him from expressing his opinions then what would they want him to be expressing?

It is said that the rugby leaders in Australia and NRL top bosses have taken such a stance.

Leave Izzy be.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

That is our individual human rights!!

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