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Tongan hip hop team competes in Auckland

Onion in  to showcase their moves in Auckland. Photo: Tutu on the Beach
Nuku’alofa – April 16, 2019: 9am (Nuku’alofa Times): Nothing is impossible if the heart is willing.
So says Nonga Pulu, who with Joshua Savieti, have taken a six member hop hop crew from Tonga to compete in their first Pacific Hip Hop competition in Manukau City, Auckland in New Zealand this week.
Having tried for the last four years to qualify, the Onion Squad will now rep Tonga at the event, where the best hi hoppers from the region will all be competing.
The ultimate aim – to win a spot at the Hip Hop World Championships in Phoenix, Arizona, United States where top hip hop crews from over 50 countries will compete.
“Hip hop competitions in Tonga has been ongoing for over 10 years at least,” Nonga told Nuku’alofa Times last week.
“And we have been trying and trying for the last four years to qualify for the New Zealand competition. Every time we have been rejected.
“This time we got together the winners and runners up from different local competitions and joined them and when we sent our videos and entry we were accepted.
“So we are going to compete and try to get into the world champs.”
Ready for Auckland..the Onion squad

Ready for Auckland..the Onion squad

Nonga and Josh of the “Tutu on the Beach” group have been working with the youths and have invested money in their trip.

“We did not receive any financial assistance but the boys and us have invested in this,” he said.
“If we do get into the world champs we hope that Government will be able to step in and help.
“But we are determined to make things happen and it is so rewarding to see that we are finally making it.”
The Onion Squad, will be competing on April 16-18 at the Hip Hop Pacific Islands competition in Manukau City, Auckland.
The boys who are aged 17-23 yeas.
The squad have been training since 2015, and are affiliated with a youth project, ICON Tonga.


Onion Squad members are Ti Taufahema (Lapaha), Selwyn Kinikini (Haveluloto), Fakaatui Manu (Haveluloto), Joe Veimau (Lapaha), Keti Veimau (Lapaha) and Paul Johansson (Tongatapu/Ha’apai).



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