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Israel ready to protect the Pacific

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Suva, Fiji – May 9, 2019: 12.35pm (PACNEWS):  The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) stands ready to help any Pacific Island country should terrorists strike their island home says Israel’s Ambassador to the Pacific, Tibor Schlosser in an exclusive interview with PACNEWS.

Ambassador Tibor made the comments following Gaza’s strike on Israel over the weekend killing Israeli’s and wounding dozens.

“Israel has the right and duty to protect its citizens from radical terror organisations, who have vowed to destroy Israel, and have built tunnels and shot rockets at Israeli towns and villages, no matter what effect it may have on their own citizens.”

“This is why we are very grateful and appreciative of the support of Pacific Island Governments at the United Nations level, being peacekeepers along our borders and this is why we will always stand with you if you ever need us to protect you,” he said.

Ambassador Tibor said Israel’s intervention, through their invention the Iron Dome antimissile system played a major role in intercepting Hamas bombardment of 690 rockets.

“We will not hesitate to share this technology with the Pacific if they need our help to fight terrorists” he vowed.

As the “Holy Land” celebrated Remembrance Day for more than 23,000 soldiers and civilians killed whilst defending the existence of Israel yesterday, Ambassador Tibor said he wanted to acknowledge the prayers of the Pacific Islanders.

“You have always been our strength, we feel the peace you pray from afar, or when you do so for us in Israel as we are bound together with the symbol love,” he said.


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