Respect will bring harmony in society

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TOKYO, Japan – October 22, 2019: 7pm (Nuku’alofa Times): Achieving harmony in a society will come about when there is respect by everyone for everyone, journalists attending the Association for Promotion of International  Cooperation (APIC) Japan Media Fellowship in Tokyo have been told.

While welcoming journalists from the Caribbean, the Pacific and student fellows from Japan on Monday, APIC President Ambassador Peter Yoshiyasu Sato said respect is critical to achieving harmony. Sato is a retired career diplomat. His last post was as Japan’s ambassador to China.

Ambassador Sato said the journalists were lucky to be in Tokyo at this time of the year during the celebration of the enthronement of Emperor Naruhito, in what he called “a special season.”

Ambassador Peter Sato: Photo by Floyd K. Takeuchi/Waka Photos

“My translation of the history of the Imperial Family is that of respect and harmony,” he said at the Foreign Press Centre Japan.

“I would say this feeling of respect and harmony is what this special season is all about as we celebrate the future of Japan.

“I would like to hope that you will take that with you in your journey in Japan.”

Empress Naruhito Tuesday announced his enthronement to the world during the special ceremony of Sokui no Rei at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

A public parade planned for today was postponed to November 10 to allow government to focus its attention on cleaning up the damage left behind by Typhoon Hagibis, which killed at least 80 people when it tore through Japan 10 days ago.

Ambassador Sato said respect is important and hoped that the journalists would take something back from the experience here in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Sato stated that the media in Japan is open and free.

He urged the journalists to listen to the voice of the people and raise issues they bring up.

He said Japanese people have been united in their efforts to bring back normalcy during times of disasters, like the recent typhoon.

People have also become more confident in raising their voices about issues.

Two journalists from the Pacific and two from the Caribbean are fellows of the APIC Media Fellowship this year.

They have been joined by two students from Tokyo-area universities.


  • Iliesa Tora is part of the APIC Japan Journalism Fellowship in Tokyo

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