Maika Sivo is so strong the Eels coaching staff have to STOP him from doing weights

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – July 1, 2020: 2:38pm (NRL): Parramatta winger Maika Sivo is a strong, strong human. If you have any doubts about that, just ask Roosters fullback James Tedesco. They’re still digging him out of the Bankwest Stadium turf after being steamrolled by Sivo last week.

The hulking Fijian flyer made headlines in pre-season when reports claimed he had maxed out at squatting 285 kilograms in the Eels gym… only because they couldn’t fit anymore plates on the bar.

And now his coach Brad Arthur has corroborated those stories, revealing just how frightening Sivo is in the club gym.

Arthur told NRL 360 the club’s conditioning and coaching staff have actually limited Sivo’s weights sessions in case he gets too big.

“We’ve had to really pull back on his weighs because he’s so big and strong, and he doesn’t carry any body fat,” Arthur said.

“He’s still running around at 110 (kilograms) or 111 each week at training as a winger, so that’s very imposing, very strong in the gym.

“When the boys were doing full weighs sessions in the pre-season he was doing two or three, and a lot of extra conditioning.

“It’s a credit to him and Steve Murphy who’s done a lot of work with Maika, and I think his best football is still further down the track for him.”

Arthur has two of the most athletic wingers in the game on his roster, with Blake Ferguson occupying the other flank.

He was asked on NRL 360 whether Sivo or Ferguson was easier to coach.

“That’s an easy one… it’s Maika,” he laughed.

“Fergo needs a lot of energy. But he brings a lot. (PACNEWS)

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